Source 106: The following quote was written by ‘Fitzy’, in his article ‘Humanitus Interruptus’, 21 Oct. 2011; accessed 24 Oct. 2011 at: This link may or may not still be operational; if it isn't, we may have redirected it to the WayBackMachine archive.

‘I read it [my 2003 book, A Species In Denial] in 2005, and at the time it was not an easy read. The core concepts keep slipping from my mental grasp, at the time I put it down to bad writing, however a second reading revealed something the Author had indicated from the outset— your mind doesn’t want to understand the content. The second read was quick and painless...[and I was then able to see that] The cause of the malaise [of humanity] is exposed, remedied and the reader is left with at the very least an understanding of themselves, and for me something of an optimism for the future’


‘We have a lot of competing noise for our attention these days, and it would be criminal to let that overwhelm our true potential, by masking [the] useful information [in Griffith’s books] with hideous noise’

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