Source 158: The following quotes come from the Human Nature/Behaviour Topic board on The Zeitgeist Movement's Facebook page, accessed 9 Nov. 2010 at: These links may or may not still be operational; if it isn't, we may have redirected it to the WayBackMachine archive

‘...I feel revolted with the state of the world.

I just wondered if the following information may be of interest to to why we have that dark side to us, but know that we aren't inherently evil.

It is from The World Transformation Movement, who believe, thanks to what we have learnt through science, to have finally found the answer that has elluded [sic] humans for millenia: why we are how we are, why we have such a complex nature of good and evil behaviour.

The answer they say originates from evolutionary biology and science, from when we began to develop a ‘thinking mind’ - and started to pull away from instinct lead behaviour, which of course controlled behaviour for millions of years of our evolution. This pulling away caused an internal battle within ourselves, leading to anger and alienation.

The videos are a series of lectures (quite lengthy) from one of the patrons of the movement, Jeremy Griffiths, who explains with great honesty, empathy and passion, that we carried a very big burden when we developed a thinking mind. When I watched the videos. it made sense. I felt something lift inside me, a sense of understanding, and hope for us. I can relate it to things that have happened in my own life and I can understand the sources of my emotion.’

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