Source 171: The following quotes come from Robert A. J. Matthews’ blog, accessed 4 Feb. 2010 at: These links may or may not still be operational; if it isn't, we may have redirected it to the WayBackMachine archive.

‘ruthless’, ‘manipulative’, ‘belligerent’, ‘bullying’, ‘totally self-centred’, ‘egocentric’, ‘amoral’, ‘cold’, ‘cruel’, ‘obsessed with wielding power over others’, ‘deceitful’, ‘self-important’, ‘lacking any ability to empathise with others’, with a mindset that is ‘quick to blame others for their mistakes’; ‘no amount of counselling seems to change them...Many people unwittingly try to change the behaviour of the psychopaths in their lives...Yet, as many psychiatrists have learned, it’s almost invariably temporary. The psychopath’s promise to mend his ways is usually just another pack of lies. Within a few months, the same traits will be back as strongly as before. The sad truth is that, if there is a psychopath in your office, your home or your bed, it will be you that has to change.’

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