Source 174: The following quotes come from a NewAge magazine article from the August 1982 edition.

‘Maybe Teilhard de Chardin was right; maybe we are moving toward an omega point...Maybe...we can finally resolve the planet’s inner conflict between its neurotic self (which we’ve created and which is unreal) and its real self. Our real self knows how to commune, how to create…From everything I’ve seen people really urgently want the kind of new beginning...[that I am] talking about [where humans will live in]...cooperation instead of competition’; and, Thomas Kuhn said that ‘the old scientists who became established within the dominant paradigm have to die off first: they will virtually never accept the new paradigm. Only the younger generation of scientists, who don’t have the emotional attachment to the old paradigm, will be willing to change their minds’; and, Max Planck put it more succinctly when he said that ‘Science progresses funeral by funeral.’

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