Source 183: The following source is a well known old fable.

The Up River Story

A group of people were riding along one day when they came to a river. The river was choked with bodies of people drowning. On the riverbank, a few people were struggling to pull out the victims and were calling out for help. Our heroes went down to help with the rescue, but even with the additional help many more victims were out of reach and were swept downstream than could be pulled out.

So a number of the rescuers decided to move upstream to find a better spot. They came to a place where the river was narrower and more bodies could be reached, but still more victims were swept away than could be saved.

Then a small number of workers began to leave the group. When someone shouted, ‘Where are you going? Come back! We need you to help pull people out,’ they replied, ‘This is ridiculous. We’re going upstream to see if we can find the son-of-a-bitch who’s pushing all these people in’.