Source 191: The following quote comes from the Rand African Art website, accessed August 2016 at: These links may or may not still be operational; if it isn't, we may have redirected it to the WayBackMachine archive.

‘They are vigorous and courageous hunters and agriculturalists, who used formerly to engage in the slave trade…Masks are used during investiture ceremonies of a chief and sacrifices to the ancestors…[and] play a role in male initiation…training [which] lasts from one to two years. Boys between the ages of eight and twelve are secluded in a camp in the wilderness, away from the village. There they are circumcised and spend several months in a special lodge where they are instructed in their anticipated roles as men. As part of their instruction, the boys are taught the history and traditions of the group and the secrets associated with the wearing and making of masks…The eyes closed to narrow slits [of masks] evoke those of a deceased person’

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