Source 241: The following source is of Facebook comments by Nate Doan. They were originally published on 2-3 March, 2016, see: (These links may or may not still be operational).

‘I was introduced to this thesis four years ago now and [its] by far the most thorough synthesis of human nature I've encountered…Darwin made the last big leap in science and this guy [Jeremy Griffith] is explaining what Natural selection left alone, the origin of human behavior. We do not suffer from the genetic, opportunistic animal condition, we suffer from a psychologically troubled human condition…Most different and more insightful / honest than any text or idea I’ve ever taken the time to ponder. It’s a 2 million year old problem so yes it’s nothing new, but it’s not just the human condition, this is the EXPLANATION of the human condition. So it’s a very new solution, and requires a distinguishable amount of perspective to understand that the implications are as deep as you want to go. I’m still understanding the depths of my own inability so I’d recommend you take note from Griffith…’

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