Source 252: The following comments made by Frank Balamatsias were originally posted on the ‘What is the Human Condition?’ video on the WTM YouTube channel, accessed 16 March 2014 at: (This link may or may not still be operational; if it isn't, we may have redirected it to the WayBackMachine archive).

‘Griffith’s books reveal how confronting understanding the human condition is & its incredibly insightful & helpful in relating it to my own life experiences. Yes immense insecurity lies in each of us & we are emotionally scarred wrecks & its compounding to the point where the planet won’t cope with our insatiable need to validate ourselves, we’re at breaking point, environmentally & mentally....Its been a tiring journey for humanity but now the human condition has been solved the door is wide open & you can leave it all behind as the only other option is terminal alienation & that is a dead end.’

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