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‘I thought this essay aptly title ‘Good vs Evil’ may be of interest to you - I’ve only recently come across these scientific theories but I’ve found it to say the least - profound. I agree with you that the dichotomy between the two sides of our natures can drive you crazy - am I good or am I bad? The biologist that wrote the paper mentioned suggests that we are fundamentally ‘good’ however the emergence of consciousness created the ‘human condition’ because our new conscious mind wanted to think but it had to co-exist with our already established instinctive orientations - he likens the evolution of consciousness to Adam taking the fruit from the tree of knowledge and us being banished from the garden. Anyway see what you think, I’m learning more about it everyday.’ The same author also contributed a second post to the same discussion thread: ‘Its really quite fascinating...Because if this is all correct, and science is just catching onto this - then it explains why we are all the “evil” things we are - “knowledge brings compassion” - and we can stop. The murdering, the pain all the suffering and rape and starvation can stop!’

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